Donald Trump and North Korea

When Donald Trump was elected as the president of the United States five months ago, I felt concerned for the future.  Many of my American friends told me how dissappointed they were with the results, and they were confused about what their own futures would hold. Despite the surmountable fear that surrounded Trump, I felt reassured that his actions wouldn’t strongly effect me. 

However, it now appears that I had no reason to feel so smug. Trump literally stormed into power, and he has used his position rather aggressively. Initially, I believed that he was all bark and no bite, but his actions against Syria and Afghanistan have proved me wrong. Vice President Pence said that the actions in Syria proved “the strength and resolve of our new president”, but what I see is a man with an unchecked capacity for destruction. This concern was reiterated by an extremely insightful podcast by Radiolab called Nukes where they explained the extent of the presidents power over nuclear warfare. Unfortunately, it appears that the president has complete and almost instantaneous authority when it comes to deploying nuclear bombs.

Now, Trump’s turned his attention to North Korea, (a country that also happens to be a close neighbour of mine). Trump has said that North Korea has “gotta behave” when it comes to their plans for intercontinental ballistic missiles. I could be wrong, but I don’t believe that North Korea is likely to quell their nuclear program because of Trump’s somewhat patronising words. 

Over the past few weeks, the news has been increasingly filled with the Trump/North Korea dispute. Alongside that, friends and family have voiced their own concern for my safety as I live in such close proximity to Pyongyang. To be completely honest, I’m currently not overly concerned about the prospect of nuclear warfare. Over the past couple of years I’ve observed the numerous terrorist attacks that have spread over Europe. As far as I can tell, nobody expected these events, and therefore the people who were effected by them weren’t living in fear. If I allow the disputes of the people in power to concern me, they will only cause me unnecessary stress. Therefore, I’m trying to think positively, and hope that this situation doesn’t blow up on my doorstep. 


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