The election campaign for the President of the United States of America was a perpetual stream of outrageous statements and bizarre results. Trump, the candidate who many people would have presumed was least likely to succeed at the start, has spent the past two years becoming more popular and powerful as he stepped closer to the White House. The campaign and debates were equally terrifying and hilarious. At times, as candidates denounced one another, they slipped into the realm of low budget reality TV; a genre perfectly moulded to suit Trump’s larger than life personality.

​There was public outrage at Trump’s success, and this was fuelled by the fact that Hilary Clinton actually won the popular vote by an estimated 2.83 million. Many Americans feel let down by the college electorate system which ultimately chooses the President; an elector casts the vote for a whole area, and they are not obliged to vote in favour of the most popular candidate. It seems wholly unjust that in ‘the land of the free’ your vote might actually be worthless, and perhaps this is one of the reasons that an estimated 57% of the population didn’t vote.

​However, it wasn’t the injustice of the college electorate that carried Trump to the final debates. Trump stood with a politically clean slate in contrast to the other candidates – particularly Clinton who has been in politics for over thirty years, and has held the title of First Lady, Senator of New York and Secretary of State. In recent years, distrust of politicians has grown because of multiple scandals. Therefore, is it really a surprise that this election has seen a vast percentage of the public turn their back on traditional nominees, and reach for an alternative like Trump and Bernie Sanders. We can only speculate about the result if Sanders had won the Democratic nomination. Nevertheless, it seems that the nation was ready for a big political transformation.

​Trump stands in complete opposition to conventional candidates; mainly because he lacks a political background, but there are numerous other factors that have made him stand out. He is a businessman first, and has ran his campaign like a business. He’s made some outrageous claims, in order to encourage voters, and many of them will never come into fruition. His whole campaign was dripping with false propaganda that has stirred up an unsavoury mentality of hate and fear. Despite Clinton’s obvious superiority on many topics throughout the debates, Trump still managed to win the public over like the successful businessman that he is.

​If Trump sticks to even half of his proposals there are going to be some big changes in America over the next four years. It is presumed that many of these alterations will benefit the privileged, enabling them to get richer, and therefore furthering the inequality of wealth. Certainly this disparity will lead to civil unrest; a reoccurring theme in the States over recent years.

​As the year ends, many people continue to wonder what Trump will accomplish during his term. The 1,000 mile wall that would separate America from its Mexican neighbours has become an integral image of his campaign, but it is highly doubtful that this border will materialise during the Trump years. However, a wall has been built in America, because the election has divided families, friends and whole towns. This election will continue to mould the next four years for everyone, but for now we can only speculate about the impact that it will have.


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