Pros and Cons of Biking Vietnam 


1. You can explore the country at your own speed, instead of sticking to bus and train timetables.

2. Without sounding too much like a hipster; it gives you the opportunity to get off the beaten track. The little towns at the side of the main road will have something to offer, (even if they’re not in the guide book). 

3. You’ll stumble upon some beautiful sites whilst you’re driving through the country; deserted beaches, thrilling mountain passes and lush vegetation. 

4. Roadside restaurants serve some of the best Vietnamese food.

5. There’s no need for public transportation. 

6. You will see some truely bizzare things on the backseat of other motorbikes. My top three are: a pig carcass, a motorbike and a box of grenades!


1. You’re the driver, so you can’t enjoy the luxuries of public transport such as napping and reading your way through long journeys. 

2. Chances are you’ll get lost. 

3. You need to look after the bike; filling the petrol, changing the oil and maintaining it in any other way necessary. 

4. Your bum will hurt from long journeys on potholed roads. 

5. You’re completely exposed to the elements: in hot weather you’ll get sunburn, in rain you’ll get soaked. 

6. You will be worried; whether it’s about an accident, the crazy driving, following the road signs or the police. 


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