Yoga Retreat

For the past few years I’ve sporadically practised yoga; it’s something that I enjoy, but I’ve not had many classes. Therefore, a week long yoga retreat seemed like the perfect way to master the poses and improve my confidence. 

There are plenty of retreats around the world, bookyogaretreats has plenty of options, and you can tailor your trip to suit you. I chose Island Yoga in Koh Yao Noi, Thailand; it’s located about 2 hours from both Krabi and Phuket airport. 

The island was the perfect location to tap into yoga, it was so peaceful with hardly any vehicles or tourists. Each coast gazed out over the clear sea to the small islands that are sprinkled over the horizon. It’s not a massive island; you could bike ride round it in a day. There’s a small town centre which has a market and some shops. A handful of restaurants are scattered around, and the retreat itself serves food. The picturesque retreat is sat right on the beach, and there’s also a small pool. 

Each day is started with two hours of yoga (7.30-9.30); the morning sessions are definitely the most strenuous, but the teachers encourage you to work at your own level and offer easier alternatives. Afterwards there’s a bountiful breakfast buffet. Then there’s free time, and the retreat usually has some activities scheduled in, or you can book in for a private class. From 4.30-6 is the afternoon yoga session; this is usually a bit easier on the body, and they sometimes focus on guided meditation. 

During my weeklong stay, my understanding of yoga and confidences within the postures significantly improved. The teachers were always happy to offer extra guidance when it was needed, which made it perfect for me and even total beginners. Also, it was a great opportunity to socialise with so many amazing people. As with many travelling resorts, there was an inclusive sense which encouraged friendships to blossom. 


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