Cameron Highlands

After two months of sweating every time I move, the crisp Cameron air was so refreshing and invigorating. The temperature averages at about 20c, and there is regular rainfall; it actually reminded me of English weather. 

There is an abundance of trekking routes both around Tanah Rata and Brinchang, and they vary in difficulty. No matter what town you stay in hitching a ride or grabbing a cab to the start of the path is not too complicated. Maps are available in the tour shops for 4 ringgits, but the routes are not described in depth. Also, some of the signs have been removed from the tracks, but generally you will be able to tell which way to go. Personally, I found the routes pleasant without a guide, but there are plenty available in the town if you would be more comfortable with one. 

The paths are enveloped in thick lush jungles, and they provide sublime views of the coutryside. However, it does tend to get a bit misty in the afternoon, so aim to start your trek earlier in order to appreciate them. Also, there are places to stop for afternoon tea on the way, which makes for quite a nice break. Do be aware that the cafes are exactly cheap though. 

Many people say that Cameron is too touristy, but whilst I was trekking around the countryside I hardly came across any other hikers. The hillsides radiate calmness which is very hard to find in Kuala Lumpur. Cameron is easy and cheap to get to from most places in Malaysia. 


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