Jawili falls and beach resort

The first stop on my Asian expedition was the Philippines. Many of my friends in Korea have visited and raved about Boracay, the paradise island that’s renowned for its white beach and never ending parties. I was eager to see what all the fuss was about, but it didn’t feel like the right place to begin travelling. 

After some research I stumbled upon a small beach village called Jawili that boasted a 7 tiered waterfall. It was the perfect location, just 30 minutes outside of Kalibo and bringing me closer to beautiful Boracay. From Kalibo terminal you can take a jeepney which run regularly to Tangalan (20 pesos), then charter a tricycle (150 pesos) to either the beach or the falls. It’s a pleasant 10 minute walk between the two locations. 
The waterfalls have formed natural rock pools which are fairly deep. It’s a slight hike along the rocky edge of the water to the top tier. If you’re brave, there are plenty of opportunities to jump in from the rocks that overlook the pools, or just watch the daring local children. It costs 5 pesos to enter. Near the entrance there is a small bar that also serves some Filipino food. 

Natural beauty oozes from the peaceful seashore. Tall palm trees fringe the sand and offer some cool shade, and there are also plenty of beach huts. The shallow, clear water is freckled with many small fishing boats. However, the beach is in need of a little cleaning. Also, a medley of wildlife dwell along the coast; don’t be surprised to see a cow whilst you’re swimming. 

The resort is relatively small, but I chose to stay there for 2 nights. If you do chose to stay I would recommend The Wave (wavebeachresort@yahoo.com). It’s a lovely rustic resort which sits right on the beach front. Rooms are 500-1,000 pesos, and they are pretty basic. The area doesn’t have much to offer for entertainment or food, but the owners can provide some mouthwatering homecooked dishes for 140 pesos. Their hospitality and helpfulness was outstanding, in fact everyone I met in Jawili was so welcoming and helpful. 

If you do stay in Jawili I would recommend watching the sun rise over the sea. It was exhilarating to watch the rays reflecting off the water in the eerily quiet morning. 


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