I bid you adieu

The new school semester runs parallel with the changeover of foreign teachers. Many people who have become friends in this temporal place are suddenly leaving, and it’s not certain whether you’ll ever see them again. Actually, it’s not as melancholy as you might expect, because the city gets a smattering of new fresh faces who quickly replace the departed. 

Saying goodbye for an extended period of time is never pleasant. However, when your life is ephemeral, friendships are fleeting, and farewells are imminent. These periodic adieus weather you down, and you become so used to saying goodbye that you are hardly affected by them anymore. With each farewell there’s a sense that you probably will see one another again, but the date and place remains unresolved. There’s something pleasant in the assumption that this separation isn’t permanent, and when you do reunite there will be so much to share. 

Also, making friends in a foreign community tends to broaden your horizon. Suddenly, you have companions worldwide offering you the chance of further travel. Potentially, you will make friends with people from obscure locations, or who are moving to somewhere bizarre that you would have never even considered visiting before.

Despite the obvious benefits of making friends in a foreign country, it does still pose some unfavorable factors. There is a definite awareness of the sand trickling steadily from the hourglass. Sometimes relationships need time to grow and mature, and often this is not possible in a foreign country. Relationships are cut short because one of the pair must move on. Personally, I have struggled to get too close with the people I meet, but I’ve grown accustomed to making pleasantly transient relationships. 


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