Lotte Water Park

Since the weather has turned from warm to sticky and humid I’ve been longing to spend a day at a water park to counteract the uncomfortable climate. Luckily, a new park has recently opened beside Gimhae airport just outside of Busan. It costs 55,000\ for an adult, or 47,000\ after 2pm, if you’re in the American army you should be able to get a discount.

The park had everything that a European or American one would have to offer only with less space. This was most noticeable in the lazy river and the pools where you literally couldn’t move without banging off people, but a consistent lack of personal space is something that I have grown accustomed to during my months in Korea.

Despite the venue feeling overcrowded, generally the queues weren’t too long. In fact, the waiting time clocks were widely inaccurate, and appeared to never get updated throughout the day. One in particular declared that there was a 720 minute wait, when we actually waited around 20 minutes. Perhaps it was a scheme to make customers feel more satisfied when they did reach the slide. However, some of the rides were significantly slowed down by the strict safety rules that were in place. On one slide in particular, the employees checked everybody’s swimming bottoms for metal or plastic, most male trunks have eyelets on them, so they couldn’t use the ride.
Also, it was compulsory to wear a life jacket (an extra 6,000\), if you were going in the wave pool, or any other big body of water. This is understandable as most Korean’s don’t learn how to swim, and it would be very stressful for the staff to look after all of the visitors who struggle whilst the waves crash over their heads. However, foreigners tend to know how to swim and may find this precaution frustrating.
If rides aren’t your thing, they also have a selection of hot springs and Jacuzzis in and outside. These were so relaxing at the end of the day, and surprisingly weren’t too crowded.
The highlight of the park was their method of paying. When you enter they give you a wristband that you top up with money, and can spend at all of the stalls around the venue. Then at the end you can get a refund of all your change. It made paying for things so much quicker, and should definitely be implemented in theme and water parks elsewhere.


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