Cherry Blossom

Korea’s cherry blossoms have been held in front of me like a carrot since I arrived here in August. The promise of their beauty was what dragged me through the cold, dry winter. During the bitter months,Korea was a bleak, drab landscape that closely imitated an atomic winter.The trees were skeletons of their former selves and everywhere was painted a rusty grey-brown colour.

Then suddenly, spring arrived, bringing with her fresh green buds onto the barren trees which rapidly flowered. The groves sprinkled their elegant petals over the Korean landscape, briefly transforming the land into something rather majestic. The pavonine, flowered trees stood out amongst the otherwise bare ones. They nestled seductively between the evergreens on the hillside, resembling a sparse patch of grey in a thick head of hair.

Bland streets were elevated from their mundanity due to their new residences. The dappled sunlight shone through the voluminous branches garnishing pedestrians; transforming them into beautiful models and movie stars. Subsequently, everyone appeared to be armed with an array of photography equipment, including the odious selfie stick. 

It was exquisite, but ultimately it was evanescent. Within two weeks the spring rain began washing away the various shades of white and pink petals and alongside them the beauty of Korea.The petals fell from their guardian’s branches plumeting in fragrant swirls to the floor, imitating an April snowstorm.


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