Holi festival

Socialising in a predominantly foreign community has opened up the gates to a variety of cultural celebrations. Each event is embraced as one’s own, and it successfully quietens any loathsome homesickness. This weekend, it was time to celebrate the Holi Hai festival. The Hindu festival of colours has rapidly become very popular worldwide, probably due to the playful nature of throwing paint over each other and dancing, (what’s not to love?!).

Luckily, spring suddenly showed her ravishing face, encouraging participants to strip off their winter layers in order to frolick on Haeundae beach. Indian dance music was booming from the speaker system on the seafront by 10am encouraging people to commence their revelry. Each participator was provided with a packet of paint powder, a Hindu hat, a can of coke, unlimited access to face paint and two delicious samosas for a measley 10,000won fee. The beach was brimming with early morning drinkers and the mini marts alcohol supplies quickly diminished. 

By midday, with the sun beating down on the revellers, the extravaganza began. The anticipation increased alongside the countdown. Suddenly, the salty sea air was mingled with a rainbow of paint as strangers immersed each other in a sensational spectrum of colour. The cavorting continued until the late afternoon, by which point participants were driven to nearby restaurants in order to quell their ravenous hunger. 


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