TOPS @ O-Nest, Tokyo

When I lived in the UK, I would generally go to a gig a couple of times a month. Every night there would be an ample supply of bands and artists to choose from in various venues around the city. Often, if I found myself with nothing to do, I’d pick up the local freebie magazine and see who was playing that evening. Impromptu nights out to bands that I’d never even heard of tend to be where my favourite memories were forged. 

However, Korea has failed to fulfil my lavish appetite for live music. So, by the time I flew across the East Sea I was craving for a fix. Luckily, Tokyo is the kind of city that can cater to a variety of desires and mine was not too hard to quench. 

I managed to find a gig in the middle of the trip that was a decent price. The allure of the band was was intensified as I had never even heard them before. I was delighted when the Canadian four piece sauntered on stage, channelling a composed, cool aura. 

Jane Penny’s vocals are sultry and seductive as she works her way through an impressive set list. Her voice is mellifluous, as it flows around the room intoxicating the crowd with its honey sweetness. The music is reminiscent of a previous era and it transports you back to a hedonistic moment of pleasure in the late 70s. 

The lyrics are meagre and scraped thinly over the songs. However, each instrument assimilates beautifully, and the euphonious conclusion makes you forget all about the raw lyrics. Instead, the music entraps you in the moment. 


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